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 Harpist, P ianist, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist

& Singer-Songwriter 

Lissa-Kathe is a Pianist/Harpist, composer, singer-songwriter and producer of all you hear: Remarkable.

Adding to her harps and piano she also plays the myriad of instruments in her creations, including guitar, recorder, cello, bodhrán, fretless bass, bells & percussion, high hat, accordions, synth and all vocals. Her diverse range and undeniable musical talents strengthen with every project she endeavours.

 Australian born Lissa-Käthe also brings her Scottish/Irish & Germanic ancestry alive through her music.  As well as her original works, she arranges traditional tunes and songs and adorns poetry and verse to music.

Her compositions go from tender, graceful solo pieces, to full orchestral soundscapes and take you on her deeply inspired philosophical journeys. Her compositions are layered and rich, emotive and moving. Her new upcoming album 'Bravery' will be another adventure to join her on.

 With Catalina, her beautiful Comet, 36 String Concert Lever Harp, Lissa-Käthe brings her own individual style and sound to an ancient instrument that has soothed us for thousands of years. Her Celtic heritage infuses the music with this echo from long ago. 

Paving the way to new experiences, new expectations of the modern harp and Folk/New Age music.

Surrender to superb and captivating sounds


'One of the best journeys in music I have heard for a long time' - Steve Sheppard - Producer One World Music Radio  

This journey of traditional and original music, will take you from my Nordic roots to the pull of my ancestors of the highlands, castles and the mystical Calanais standing stones on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, where my heart lies in the landscape of the Celts.


 Upcoming Album Early 2019 coming soon !!

For Release Early 2019


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